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Family Law Services Muller Law can help you with

  • Separation
  • Day to day care/Contact/Shared Parenting
  • Contact with children
  • Child Support
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family Trust
  • Pre-Nup / Prenuptial Agreement
  • Resettling Family Trusts
  • Guardianship
  • Paternity
  • Relationship Property
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Property and Family Arrangements
  • Adoption
  • Property Management and Welfare Guardian (PPPR application)
The Family Law Team at Muller Law

The Family Law Team at Muller Law is highly experienced in all aspects of family law. We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing an amicable result to all parties by taking everything into account and weighing them against New Zealand family law code. We are friendly and approachable, ready to listen to your concerns and your individual situations, ready to advise you on the best way forward.

We will provide legal counsel regarding your legal rights and the best possible strategies of achieving a speedy resolution to your families problems.

Full Service Legal Firm

We have countless years of experience in the Family Court and will guide you through the process including mediation or a Court hearing where necessary.

Muller Law is a full service legal firm based in Auckland NZ, so we have experts who can quickly assist you with the many other matters which may arise in a relationship break-up – such as: property sales and transfers, trusts and business sales.

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About Muller Law

Muller Law originally began service as a family law firm, back in 1979 when our founder, David Muller saw the need of a law firm “for the people.” With years of experience in a big city law firm, he noticed the lack of friendly and approachable law firms that were ready to help citizens with family law requirements.

40 Years later and while the local family law firm has grown with new partners coming onboard, we have retained the original vision that founded the company so many years ago. Our additional partners have allowed us to expand our range of services to encompass a full spectrum of New Zealand Law matters and help you with all your law requirements. Be it local, national, and international.

Family Law: Separations

Relationship breakups are a time of extreme stress and emotion for you and your loved ones. When it comes to family law, the legal implications and your family rights further add to the confusion and uncertainty during this time.

Complex details such as separation, care of children and visitation rights, property division and family law can be unfathomable and extremely difficult to resolve when parties have differing viewpoints.


Separation is the act of parties to a relationship living apart with the intention that the relationship has ended. Generally, this is at separate locations but separation can still sometimes occur even though the parties are still living under the same roof but legally separated.

We can help you through this difficult time and achieve the best possible outcome for both parties involved and ensure your property rights and interested are protected.

By requirement of New Zealand Law, you need to separate for two years before you can be legally divorced. It is advised that you start preparations as soon as possible, while you are contemplating separation to avoid any detrimental effects to your interests. You are free to finalise separation details before the two years are up so once the day has arrived, all your legal responsibilities have been dealt with beforehand.

If you are ending a marriage, de facto relationship or civil union, it is imperative that you meet all the legal requirements to finalise separation of your relationship property as soon as possible. This will protect you from having your ex-partner making claims on future earnings, assets you acquire in the future or stake claims against your estate in the event of your passing.

We can help you arrange a formal End of Relationship Agreement. (Also known as Separation Agreement or Relationship Property Agreement.)

If you are unsure of your legal standing in terms of dissolution of your relationship with your partner, the Separation Law experts at Muller Law are here and ready to listen and guide you on your next steps.

Day to Day Care (Previously Called Custody), Contact, Shared Parenting

Under New Zealand Law both parents are treated as having equal rights in respect of parenting arrangements, although for practical reasons day to day care can be given to one parent or the other. In some cases it may be appropriate for shared parenting arrangements.

We have considerable experience in working in this field and can assist with applications to the Family Court if there are any difficulties or concerns.

Contact With Children

The subject of contact can result in very emotive and stressful arguments.  Unless the court directs otherwise a parent who does not have day to day care has the right to have contact and maintain regular ongoing contact with the child.  This is important for the child. We can work with you to obtain the best possible outcome in maintaining contact with your children in your particular circumstances.


Regardless of parenting arrangements, both parents remain guardians of the child and have equal rights on important matters such as schooling, education, religion, travel etc.

Child Support

The liable parent will be required to contribute financially to a child’s care and upbringing.  We can assist in this process.

Relationship Property

The division of relationship property on a breakup can become complicated very quickly.  We can refer you to accountants, valuers and other professionals to assist in establishing values of relationship property.

Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of marriage (once called divorce) is the formal ending of the marriage contract after two years’ separation.

We can assist you with an application to the Family Court to complete this.

Property and Family Rights

We can assist with the negotiation and preparation of contracting out agreements (pre-nuptial agreements)

We also complete property agreements recording arrangements between parents and children or other family members.


Formal adoption arrangements will require the approval of the Family Court.  We can guide you through the procedure.

Domestic Violence

In situations of domestic violence or abusive relationships, we can assist with urgent applications to the Family Court for Protection Orders.


With the advances of DNA testing it is much easier to establish paternity of a child. These may be necessary for a DPB application, inheritance questions or where it is necessary to establish who is the father of a child. Applications can be made by the mother, a man who believes he is the father, a man who believes he is not the father, or by someone else who has an interest to establish the paternity of a child

We can guide you through the Family Court procedure to obtain a Paternity Order or Declaration.

Property Management/Welfare Guardian

Where parents or other family members do not have Enduring Powers of Attorney and have become legally unable to sign documents or act for themselves, an application must be made to the Family Court for someone to be appointed as manager of the affairs of the infirm person.  We have lawyers who have the experience to obtain such orders.

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